Video SEO Is Different – Just Like Website SEO It Takes Planning


Video SEO Part 1

Video SEO is different than website SEO. Video SEO here is talking about the biggest video website
There is on page SEO or should I say on video SEO and there is off video SEO.

Video Keywords

The first thing to do is to make sure you have what keywords you want to optimize for. This really is the first thing you want to do because you can’t change it once you start. Video SEO starts before you upload the video.
There may be a video clip or some footage shot of something that will be posted. The uploaded file name can’t be Mov23445.mp4.

Video Filename and Meta Data

I like to take the file name and use all the keywords that I can. There is no need to repeat keywords or phrases. I put the once I want to rank for first upfront or the most difficult keywords or phrases first.
You still are not ready to upload that file. Once you upload it -you can’t change the file name or upload the file again or it would be a different video. Now go to the meta data. Fill in the title and subtitle once again with keywords that are most important. Next use the tags and comment section for keywords. Put the relevant information in the Author URL and Promotion URL, you can use the company name for content provider and or directors and producers.
OK, now you are ready to upload after you check all the facts.

Upload The Video File

Once it is being uploaded it will automatically create a title for you. The title should be checked to make sure that it has the keywords you want. If it is a local business you can include a telephone number in there as well.
Go on to the description. Have a 300-600 word description. Do not stuff it with keywords. Make it natural sounding and put links to your other videos in there as well. If you are doing a series of videos go back and put the YouTube links to the other videos in the series.
Use relevant tags. There is a limit to how many characters that can be used. Be wise when using tags and be accurate. If it is a local video then use the city and state.

Advanced Video Settings

Go to the advanced tab and put in the location if this is a local video, I have tried to put in a state and I have also tried the United States. I don’t know if it helped or not but I did it. Also put in the date. Every time something is changed on the video description or annotations are added or anything is changed update the date.
That is enough to get you started. I will cover more in a few more articles.