Internet Marketing


What is Internet Marketing

[/threecol_two][fourcol_one][/fourcol_one][/columngroup][columngroup][threecol_two] Internet Marketing is just like marketing by

  • direct mail
  • newspapers
  • radio
  • TV.

In fact it has all of the above. There are

  • podcasts
  • MP4s
  • videos
  • blogs
  • social media sites

The Basics Of Marketing

Marketing is marketing and the basics are continuous from one media to another. The first part of marketing is getting attention. In print, if it is on paper or on the screen, this job goes to the headline. Headlines have one purpose and only one purpose. It is to read the subheadline. The subhead should also captivate, evoke curiosity, stir fear, or bring to mind some other emotion. The subheadline has one job and one job only to get the first sentence read. The first sentence and second sentence and the third sentence and so on has one job and one job only to the get the next sentence read. All of these sentences and headlines and pictures and captions all go to creating a buying environment. Buying can be considered picking up the phone and calling, sending an email, clicking on a link, giving you information such as name, email, phone address and maybe even age and sex . Most marketers go just for email or email and name.

Make An Offer They Can’t Refuse

All marketing should include an offer. It is not an offer unless there is an expiration date or a limited quantity. After the offer, a Call To Action (CTA)isneeded. A CTA tells the reader what you want them do. It may be as simple as give me your email and click here. To get back to the headline. The headline is about 80% of your success according to some marketing experts. As President Lincoln once said “If I have 8 hours to cut down a tree I would spend 7 hours sharpening my ax.” Spend what time you need to create a compelling and attention getting headline.