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Internet Marketing Is Difficult

Like you I once struggled with Internet Marketing and getting my business found by potential clients. I had multiple websites and no traffic.  I was fighting against millions of established websites with strong Google authority.

So what do I do?  Do I give up and forget about my dreams?  Do I sink money in ads that don’t drive traffic to my website?

No, I found a way to gain authority and play with the big companies in local markets.  I don’t have to pay for expensive ads.  I get traffic all the time.  It is “free”.

You are saying that is to good to be true.  But it’s not.   Read on to see how you can get “free” traffic.

Search Engines

Search engines – those crazy things that go out and find websites and what they are about – rank websites for certain topics.  Yep, when you go to Google and type in “Pittsburgh brick paver installation”  you will find my website http://pittsburghbrickpavers.com. 

So how do you get your website on the first page of a Search Engine Result Page?  The answer changes often due to updates to Search Engines wanting to giving the best results to their users.  But local search results don;t always hold to the rules of search engines.

 Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of creating a website that is friendly to search engines.  There are a couple of parts to SEO – one is On Page Optimization and the other is you guessed it Off Page Optimization.  

On-page Optimization

What words do you use on your webpages and how often?  What is the title of your page or post?  These points and more make up on page optimization.  On-page optimization (OPO) tells search engines what the page is about.  OPO uses headline and sub-headline tags like h1 and h2 tags, it uses bold words and phrases and it uses links to other pages on the website or to another website.  

Off-page Optimization

How many tweets did your page receive?  How many blogs have mentioned your blog?  Did any educational or goverment websites mention your website?.

This is off-page optimization.  Off-page optimization establishes authority with search engines.  The more authority a page has in the eyes of the search engines the higher it ranks.  

To read more about On-page and Off-page optimization click the link.

Why Should You Care About Rankings

It has been studied and the first page listing get over 71% of the clicks.  The number one listing gets 33% of the clicks and it falls sharply to 5% for the number 5 listing.  You can find a full study here.

SEO Audit

Where do you start building authority?  The first place is to evaluate the website.   It can be a complicated process.  But don’t worry, we do a SEO Audit for FREE.  

An SEO Audit will evaluate your pages, your tags, your links, your authority and many other factors.  It is a place to start where the website is concerned.  It will find what is deficient and needs pumped up.  It will find what is broken and needs fixed. 

It’s Your Call

If you say, “Yes Rich I want help with my Internet Marketing  and Google rankings”. Then call Rich at (724) 518-1642 or email rich@thepittsburghseo.com. Don’t forget the SEO Audit is FREE. To see more about Internet Marketing click here. pittsburgh seo logo